What are Mug Rugs? Everything you need to know

Have you ever noticed how many mugs get knocked over at the dinner table? If you’re like most people, you probably have. The problem isn’t so much that the mugs are kept on the table but rather that they’re not kept off it. Mugs can be dangerous when they’re left lying about and may even lead to spills and burns. One solution is to use mug rugs as a protective cover for your mugs and food while you eat.

What Exactly is a Mug Rug?

What are Mug Rugs?

A mug rug is a coaster and placemat combination large enough to hold a mug and a snack plate. It’s basically a mug mat that you can use when you’re out and about with your drink. The thing with these rugs is that they’re huge. You’d be able to put your drink on top of it, which means that if you’re holding it in one hand, you don’t have to worry about dropping it.

Because of the size of these things, they’re also great for people who like to drink on the go. They come in different sizes — some are just big enough for a cup of coffee while others will hold multiple drinks (like coffee, tea, or even an alcoholic beverage). They are also water resistant, so you can rest your drink on them while you take a break from your writing session. Although they may seem like an indulgence, they can actually be quite useful in the office or at home.

Mug rugs are made from a variety of materials including chenille, rubber, vinyl, and cotton. They come in different sizes and colors so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. You can also choose between styles like chevron or polka dots to match your décor or pick one in neutral colors that will work with any style. Mug rugs come in different thicknesses depending on how much padding you want in them; thicker ones are more durable than thinner ones but may be too heavy if they’re made of vinyl or rubber instead of cotton.

Mug Rug, Is it even useful?

People use these rugs because they want something that will keep their drinks safe without taking up too much space in their bags or purse. They also like them because they look good on tables or counters where there are no other options available — such as at work! Mug Rugs are a fun and easy way to personalize your kitchen. They are large enough to hold a mug, but not so big that they take up too much space on the table. There are a lot of uses for mug rugs, and some of them might surprise you.

5. Most importantly keep mugs and food off the table while eating

The best way to keep your mugs and food off the table is to use a mug rug as a mat or placemat. If you have an extra one lying around, use it! You can also buy them in bulk at places like Ikea or Target.

4. Cover up stains

Mug rugs are great for covering up stains on the floor or countertop. In fact, they’re so versatile that I’ve seen people use them to cover up messy desks too! You can also use them as a decorative piece in your home or office.

3. Perfect for Coffee Mornings –

You’ll have your own personal space in front of the computer with these mugs. No more crowding around the small table near your desk!

2. Great for Snacks –

If you’re always working on something that requires high concentration, then these mugs are a must-have! They can help keep sweets or other snacks cool for longer periods of time when you need to stay focused on your work.

1. Part-time Floor Protectors

When you have kids or pets, it’s important that you keep your floors clean so they don’t get messy. Mug rugs are perfect for protecting your floors from spills because they can absorb up to 200 times their weight in liquid! Just throw one down over the area where you usually spill things like liquids

Perfect Sizes for a Mug Rug

There isn’t truly a right or wrong answer, only suggestions. But, the bigger it becomes, the less it is a mug rug and the more it becomes a placemat.

Mug rugs are a great way to add personality and style to your home. They can be used on their own or as part of an overall décor plan. It’s important to choose the right size for your space so that you don’t end up with a rug that looks like a giant placemat on your coffee table.

To help you select the right size for your space, here are some guidelines:

Mug Rug Sizes

Square-shaped area:6″ x 6″ (15 cm x 15 cm)
Rectangle-shaped area:4″ x 6″ (10 cm x 15 cm)
Larger rectangle-shaped area:5″ x 7″ (13 cm x 18 cm)

Let us sew a DIY mug rug

Sewing a mug rug is a fun and easy project to try. The best part is that it doesn’t require any special sewing skills or knowledge of how to sew. All you need is a pair of scissors, some fabric scraps, colorful threads, sewing equipment, and maybe a glue gun if you want to add some extra embellishments.

The mug rug can also be made larger or smaller depending on the size of your mug. You can make the rug about 8 inches by 8 inches if you want something smaller or larger if you have a larger mug.

If you want to add some extra flair to your project, there are many ways you can do so: embroidery, appliqueing, painting or even adding fabric flowers! There are endless possibilities for what kinds of things you could sew into your mug rug!

Steps to sew your pretty mug rug-

  • Step 1 – First, you will need fabric scraps or cut-outs of different fabrics, depending on the pattern that you have decided on for your mug rug, keeping in mind that it should be enough for the size that you want your mug rug to be.
  • Step 2 –Then, you need to lay the pieces together to make a type of blueprint for your rug and sew them together until you have a large piece out of it. You can even double-stitch on top of it to give it a more handmade look! After you’re done, press your fabric piece with a hot iron.
  • Step 3 –Then use the piece of fabric you have sewed to cut out a piece of base fabric so that you have an accurate measure of the same! You can take a thicker base fabric to make your mug rug a little quilted!
  • Step 4 – Sew around all four edges of your main piece of cloth onto the base fabric, leaving a space for turning. Turn your piece right side out and iron it. Top stitch across all four edges, closing the opening. This is a fantastic way to make a DIY mug rug using fat quarters and fabric scraps from previous projects. It’s quick, easy, and so much fun!

Below are different patterns of mug rugs for you to know that you can create possibly any design that you wish to!

Some Popular Mug Rugs Patterns

Mug rug for a friend

Mug rug for a friend
Source – https://www.flickr.com/photos/116953355@N07/15227717058/

Simple Christmas mug rugs!

Simple Christmas mug rugs!
Source – http://keepingmeinstitchestqp.blogspot.com/

Rainbow sunset mug rug

Rainbow sunset mug rug
Source – https://amerooniedesigns.com/rainbow-sunset-mug-rug-tutorial/

Happy scrappy mug rugs

Happy scrappy mug rugs
Source – https://blog.bernina.com/de/2020/03/happy-scrappy-mug-rugs-mit-hasenapplikationen/

Round 4th of July mug rug!

Round 4th of July mug rug!
Source- https://www.craftsy.com/post/july-mug-rug/

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