5 Best Rugs for Meditation Rooms to Enhance your Experience

Having a dedicated area or room for meditation actually enhances the intensity of your meditation sessions because of the perfect environment. To build that perfect meditation environment, there are several things that come into the picture like some peaceful artworks, scented candles, and much more. In this particular article, our prime focus would be on the importance & benefits of a perfect rug or mat for your meditation session & what are some of the best meditation rugs you can purchase & enhance your meditation experience instantly. To achieve that, you’ll have to make sure you go through the complete article distraction-free.

Why do you need a rug for meditation?

Rugs for Meditation Rooms

Meditation should be a practice that provides you with happiness, relaxation, and peace of mind which makes you focus on your mind and soul by inculcating various breathing techniques. But, being able to practice meditation mindfully comes with a few prerequisites, The environment, the surface, the posture while doing it, etc. Meditation mats are preferred by many because they help achieve many of the struggles caused by such prerequisites. Mats ensure that your body is stable and that you are able to maintain a comfortable posture.

A meditation rug can be very fascinating if you look only at its sole purpose, but have you ever given thought to why should we meditate on a rug? A rug specifically designed in such a shape that is for meditation purposes has many other benefits to reap such as it helps align your spine, it allows proper flow of blood through your limbs, and whatnot, imagine the levels of calmness and positivity incorporated within yourself due to all of these benefits along with meditation! Below are some of the amazing reasons to consider a meditation rug-

Helps create a sacred, personal and focused space

Meditating is a practice that should be a routine thing in our daily lives, it helps us become mindful of our collective as well as our own minds. Being a personal practice, meditating on a rug makes it a cue for the body to practice the task at hand and stay focused, a meditation rug by acting as an anchor point makes sure that one associate’s meditation as an important and personal practice to indulge in every day. The rug as we meditate on it over and over again becomes a magnetic surface for our mind to enter the realm of calmness effortlessly and gracefully as soon as we sit on it, thus making it a sacred space!

Energy loop and longer meditation time

As we practice meditation which involves breathing techniques, it creates a wave of passive energy in the body which moves freely from top to bottom and circulates in loops. Once this energy is able to move freely it enables you to meditate smoothly and for longer times without realizing it. Thus, practicing mindful breathing during a meditation is a very important part of it to keep the energy loop active. Having a visual cue such as a meditation rug can be a very helpful technique to practice the above-stated without any obstacles!

Colors of the meditation rugs

Besides the looks, have you ever wondered why the colors of a meditation rug are given so much preference? Colors can play a role in energizing your meditation practice based on various goals that you might have. For example, Red color rugs can make you feel empowered, and help you towards certain ambitious goals that you might have as the color red is the symbol of force and energy. So to give you an awakening when you’re not feeling up to it, red-colored rugs can be helpful! White is usually helpful in sadhana and moksha, If you’re a seeker you can go for yellow rugs, or for letting go the color preferred is saffron or orange!


All yoga asanas have a collective purpose which is meditation and relaxation, various postures in yoga like the easy pose (Sukh-asana), the lotus pose (Padma-asana) or the adept’s pose (Siddha-asana) symbolize 3 meaningful concepts – infinity, one-ness, and nothingness. Practicing yoga on a meditation rug can help you realize the true meaning of these concepts that are truly sacred and important to understand, Instead of practicing on a hard floor, the comfort of a meditation mat provides more stability and more flexibility by raising your hips a little above the ground and adding comfort. If the seat is comfortable only then you will be able to practice meditation in a posture that won’t make your body tensed, The back being straight and relaxed, aligned neck and spine, and arms resting on your laps.

Some other important benefits of having a quality rug in your meditation room

  1. Heat – While performing breathing exercises in meditation, which also leads to the flow of energy in the body and helps us perform smooth meditation. In this process, the body also produces heat which needs to be stabilized to keep the body temperature constant, for this purpose meditation mats can be useful as they will prevent the heat from passing on to the floor. This ensures that the body is perspiring properly.
  2. Protects from muscle tension- Meditation usually involves long periods of sitting on a surface, which if uneven or hard can cause soreness in the muscles or can also be the reason for an injury. Meditation mats help protect us from such kinds of injuries by providing us with a soft and even surface to meditate on, it ensures a good grip on the floor for balance.
  3. Stability and comfort- As discussed above, a good grip ensures that you can maintain a balanced posture while performing meditation, which comes from a good quality meditation mat. A firm and elastic grip help in providing stability, which additionally also vouches for the level of comfort necessary to concentrate.

As It’ll be something that is used very often, make sure to wash it on a regular basis & add freshness to each of your meditation sessions. You can also check out our guide on if you can put your rug in a washer for easy & convenient cleaning or if it will ruin it.

List of 5 wonderful rugs for your meditation room

A little intro on how we picked these products by testing and etc etc. search for meditation rugs on google and feature the ones you like.

Product 1 LERYG Round meditation mat –


LERYG’s extra-large circle mat provides superb comfort and support, allowing you to enjoy your meditation or yoga without worrying about the limitations of a regular mat’s size.

Available in different colors and vibrant patterns, the mat’s 3.5mm thickness and faux suede material give it great cushioning, while its double-sided sticky non-slip texture provides outstanding traction and improved grip, making it ideal for various types of yoga and meditation.

It’s also ideal for yoga, pilates, aerobics, workouts, and visiting parks.

2. OYEFLY Rainbow Chakra Mat


This polyester-made shawl size mat comes in a rainbow pattern. With the size being enough for practicing meditation, it can be used for various other purposes like yoga, pilates, etc. It’s a good purchase if you have a rough-surfaced floor, and without any doubt, it is the most cost-friendly mat you can purchase.

The colors of the mat will help you practice mindful meditation, and will provide the levels of calmness and comfort needed. It’s machine washable, durable, and of course long-lasting.

3. Organic Traditional Sabai meditation


With a very exclusive, sober, and decent pattern, this mat is handmade with natural fibers like straw which makes it eco-friendly. It has the perfect size of 3*0.03*6 feet and can be easily folded and unfolded which makes it a good choice for carrying anywhere you want.

If you like to go outdoors for meditation, like on the beach or in a garden, this mat is an excellent choice because it can also be cleaned easily. The elements like sand or grass won’t stick to it or get absorbed and can easily be shed off the mat.

4. Mobile Meditator Meditation Mat


The Mobile Meditator Meditation Mat is ideal for traveling. The dual surface mat has a microfiber upper surface and a cushioned non-slip bottom. It folds down to the size of a lightweight hoodie, taking up very little room and weight in your suitcase. When meditating, you want a clean and comfy place to sit, and this mat is ideal. Sit comfortably wherever!

Dimensions of the mat are 26″ x 36″ x 3.5 mm thick, and it has a carrying strap also. It is Machine washable in cold water. Needs to be washed by hand if you have a top-loading machine with an agitator. Squeeze out any extra water by wrapping your mat in a bath towel.

5. Premium PU Mini Yoga/meditation Mat 


This mini yoga mat comes with natural rubber and non-slip features, It is a few inches wider than a regular yoga mat. Don’t worry, this mat has the perfect shape, size, and patterns for meditation purposes. The size of the mat also makes it very easy to fold and carry around. The thickness of the mat is 4mm which allows you to sit comfortably and protects your joints as well by enabling you to maintain posture!

It provides a great level of grip, You can comfortably sit in a lotus pose on the mat and practice smoothly. The mat comes in a variety of amazing colors which catch the eye and make you feel positive!

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