5 Quick & Easy Fixes to make your bathroom rugs non-slip

How to make bathroom rugs non-slip

Have you ever tripped over a rug in your bathroom? Have you ever been surprised by a wet floor in the morning? Slippery bathroom rugs are a common problem and can put you at risk of falling. Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to prevent them from slipping. No, we are not going to tell you to get a new nonslippery rug of course! We are just going to fix your existing bathroom rug & make it non-slip. It’s not just you who’s searching for a fix to this issue, bathroom rugs are very common in homes now & this has become a common problem.

The 5 Quick & easy fixes to make your bathroom rugs non-slip, mentioned below will be absolutely helpful for sure. How can I say that? Actually, before coming up with this article, I faced this issue myself for a long time & eventually googled it for some concrete solution but couldn’t really find one other than being recommended to get a new nonslippery bathroom rug. You all won’t have to go through the hassle I went through to find real working solutions because I’ve made them available for you right here.

PS:- It isn’t necessary that all of these solutions will work for everyone, so make sure to go through all 5 fixes & implement them till you find your working way.

5 Quick Fixes to make sure you have non-slippery bathroom rugs

If you have ever stepped on a bath rug or mat and seen it slide out from underneath you, there is hope! The cause of this slippery-slope problem can be fixed. Soon, the problem will cease to exist. Below are 5 quick fixes with recommended products to make your bathroom rugs and mats non-slip. All these 5 fixes can be easily implemented by anyone without any special expertise or skillset.

5. Putting Velcro on bath floor rugs

Most of the rugs lose their grip over time and when it comes to bathroom rugs, this process can speed up because of regular exposure to water. After losing the non-slip grip, they are more prone to slide every now and then but If this happens too often, then it’s time to fix it or it may start to damage your floors and even cause accidents.

Velcro is a very useful material for multiple reasons. In our case, It can be used to hold down your bath mat, or it can be used to keep it in place on the floor when you are taking a shower. It is also a great way to make sure that your bathroom rug stays in place when you walk across it.

To make your bathroom rugs non-slip with Velcro, here are some things that need to be taken care of while doing so:

  • Make sure that the carpet is clean and dry before you start putting velcro on it. This will ensure that there are no dust particles or other debris stuck in between the fibers of the carpet which may cause harm when they come into contact with Velcro tape or adhesive tape.
  • Make sure that all loose threads are removed from the carpet before applying Velcro tape or adhesive tape.
  • Use masking tape instead of regular tape and lastly, do not use too much force while applying Velcro tape.

To implement this fix, all you need to have is a velcro roll which you can easily get from Amazon & I’ve also provided the link for the same. VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Double-Sided Roll.

4. Acrylic or Silicon caulks can be used

Acrylic or Silicon caulk is something that lies in every garage & It must be there in yours too. You must have used it in some way or the other, whether it be filling your window gaps or touching up your bathroom tiles. Bathroom rugs lose their functionality & grip over time because of the conditions they are being used in. Acrylic or Silicone caulk is something that can prevent this from happening by adding an extra layer of grip underneath. While using Acrylic or Silicone caulk to make your bathroom rug nonslippery, you need to make sure that you do it the right way as even a small error could lead to less effective results.

You must check out this guide on how to properly use caulk to make your rug slip-proof

All you need to do is to get an acrylic or silicone caulk from Amazon or your nearest store, just make sure It’s specifically for wet areas. Roll over your rug and use your creativity to build your masterpiece art on the back of your rug. Once you are done with your artwork, It’s time to let it dry for a good 12 to 16 hours before you put it back in your bathroom. This process will create a layer of acrylic or silicon under your rug which will provide a firm grip to it on the floor & instantly make your rug slip-proof.

3. Ever so useful – Rug pads

Bath mats are a really necessary investment that you make and so they need to be well taken care of and maintained over time. They play a role in not only making sure that you’re safe and don’t slip in the bathroom but also providing you with comfort on a cold winter morning when you go to take a shower! To make sure that your bathroom rug is in a good condition, rug pads can be a good asset that lasts for years. Some benefits of a rug pad can be stability, safety, cushioning, and sound insulation. 

I would recommend going through this article where I’ve talked about how carpet padding under rugs can add a layer of protection or grip and can make your rug nonslip.

While installing the rug pad, some of the important things to keep in mind are- 

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the area where you plan on putting the rug in your bathroom is clean and dry. If it isn’t, then any water left behind could ruin the rug pad while installing it. 

Then keep the bath mat on top of the rug pad to see if the size is accurate and all edges are evenly lined up, then use an adhesive spray that is specifically designed for indoor use on furniture such as table tops and chairs that will be exposed directly under the area where you plan on placing your rug pad. You can also use heavy-duty double-sided tape to make sure that the rug pad stays properly positioned under your rug. 

Typically. A rug should be between ⅛ to ¼ inches thicker off the floor, but it depends on what your floor is made off! For an uneven floor made of tiles or bricks, it’s advisable to put on a thicker rug pad. On a flat surface, you should put a pad that provides cushioning and is not too thick as well. 

You can check out this top selling Rug pad on amazon – Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad

2. Rug grippers are easy and handy

Rug grippers can make your bathroom rug slip-proof and stable, they are attached to the bottom of the rug to hold the rug in place. Rug grippers come in different sizes and shapes, so you need to find one that matches the dimensions of your bathroom rug. Grippers need to be placed under your rug on all the corners, you need more grippers if the size of your rug is large so that you can put one in the center also to make the rug more stable.

Grippers use a very interesting vacuum technology, on the side that will go towards the floor there are small bubbles that can’t be seen which when pressed release air creating a suction effect. Rug grippers will not just solve the primary concern that is to make your bathrom rug non slip, rather it will come with additional benefits like increasing the longevity of your rug by providing a layer of extra safety from hard surfaces. The additional convinience benefit is that rug grippers makes the vaccuming process less time & effort intensive.

While putting the grippers under your rugs, the first thing to do is figure out how will you stick the gripper to your mat. There are various types of grippers available in the market, some come with an adhesive side already available, while others might require you to put a double tape or a fabric glue to paste it on the rug.

Make sure that the area your bathroom rug is placed in is clean and dry to avoid damaging the gripper while pasting it. Then you need to paste the gripper on the mat with either a glue gun or heavy-duty adhesive tape. It will be much easier if the gripper already has an adhesive back to it! One such product can be bought from amazon.

1. Know which rugs are not suitable for your bathroom!

Let’s get to the root of this problem, there’s a high possibility of your existing bathroom rug being not the most suitable choice for bathroom surface and conditions. Bathrooms are a place that you have to be particular about because for some people (mostly for all) it can be the place where you feel the most relaxed. You need to make sure that the rugs you have in your bathroom are slip-free so that you don’t have to be cautious while you’re inside! You can’t just go out and buy any rug for your bathroom, It has to be the right rug for the job!

If you have a hardwood floor, there is no need to worry about the rug slipping. However, if you have a tile or laminate floor, then it is best to specifically place a non-slip rug on the bathroom floor.

Nonslip rugs come in many different materials. They can be made of rubber or vinyl that will grip any floor surface and prevent it from moving around. The most common non-slip rugs are made of rubber and they can be found at most furniture or home decor stores. They come in different patterns and colors so you can choose one that fits your decorating scheme and style.

What type of Rugs are perfect for your bathroom

From the bathtub to the shower, a bathroom is a very important part of your home, as said earlier it’s a place you go to relax and unwind, but it’s also the place you start your day, When it comes to rugs for your bathroom, what do you need?

  • A rug that won’t slip on wet floors.
  • A rug that is comfortable on bare feet, is cushiony and provides warmth on a cold day
  • A rug that looks nice and isn’t too hard to clean up and maintain
  • A rug that can handle getting wet from both water and steam from showers (or baths), is free from mold growth.

Some materials you should prefer for your bathroom rugs would be wool, synthetic & cotton rugs.

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