3 Important Rules to follow while placing rugs under beds

Designing your home, and especially your bedroom can be a hassle. Your bedroom is your place of comfort and relaxation and needs a lot of thought and design so that it fits the mental picture of what you have been wanting it to look like but you don’t need to worry anymore! The floor of our bedrooms is like a 5th wall of the space, and why will we want to ignore it? A rug on the floor is a very important element of your house, they keep you cozy and warm up the bedroom when coordinated with the colors of your house. We know it seems tricky but we’re here to get it all right for you.

Time is the most important resource which won’t come back once gone. If you really want to save yours, then go ahead and keep reading this article which will not only help you save the time that will be used in selecting the perfect rug but also open your choice to a whole lot of options available out there!

Is It a good idea to place a rug under your bed?

Yes, of course, It’s a must to keep the right size rug under your beds especially if your bedroom has a hardwood floor. IMAGINE, waking up to a cold morning and keeping your feet on a warm and luxurious rug under your bed that will keep you warm and cozy. Also, if you’re bored with how your room looks and want to renovate it, a rug can give it the perfect touch of color that will make it look more happening. The best rug to keep is that made of natural fibers like wool or silk which also work as warm carpets.

Rules to consider while placing Rugs Under Beds

  • Placement of right-size rugs under beds
  • Room Size
  • Size of the rug that fits well 
  • Bed area and size
rugs under beds rules

1. Bedroom Rug Placement

The shape of the rug is important if placed underneath the entire bed. Typically round, square, or rectangle rugs are offered. However, a rectangle rug is commonly preferred and suits the best under a bed. If the rug is more visible to the eye from both sides of the bed and extends more on the foot, It’s a square rug. According to the size of the rug, you can take a decision on whether the nightstands and side tables are to be placed on the rug or not.

The rug placement is a difficult task to carry out. How many bedrooms are covered by carpets/beds? Does furniture rest under rugs? How big should the rug be? We’ve created several options that will help you find the best rug size and design to be placed in your bedroom.

Bedroom Rug Placement

How far under a bed should you put a rug?

So, are there any rules on how should rugs be placed in your house? 

No, there are no such rules when we talk about designing your house but yes there are certain points that you should keep in mind to be able to design a simple and comfortable space where you can feel at home. 

It is advisable to not cover the entire room with a rug, for your convenience it will be better to leave at least some space between the entrance of your room and the walls. Some layouts for you to try can be- 

How much bed area should be covered by the rug?

  1. You can look up many options according to whatever suits the ambiance of your entire room.
    • if you wish to cover only the frame of the entire bed, the rug needs to be just a little bigger than the size of the bed. 
    • You can look up for a rug that covers the entire bed area, the bedside table, lamp shade at the side of your bed, and the bench placed at the foot of your bed (if any) 
    • A rug that covers only the lower 2/3rd of your bed leaving the side table or lamp shades on the floor. 
    • Only the lower half of the bed and the bench (if any), This looks best when you just want to give a tint of color to your room especially if it is a large bedroom, and make it look cozy. It will need a small rug which will also save cost.
    • As mentioned above, it’s always a better idea to go a little big but not to cover the entire room. 

2. Room size

The size of your entire room is also an important factor to look at when deciding on rugs. The estimated size of a small-sized room is 12 by 18 feet, for a medium-sized room it is 16 by 20 feet and for a large-sized room it stands out to be approximately 22 by 28 feet. There should be a distance of at least 2 to 3 feet between the walls of your room and the rug that you place so that it doesn’t give a very congested look. You should also be careful not to leave too much space between your rug and your wall so it looks nice and comfortable to the eye. For a smaller room, you will need a 6×9 and 7×10 rug while in larger rooms it’s better to place 8×10 or 9×12 carpets.

How do I choose the right rug size?

Another important aspect when deciding the size of the rug is the size of the bed which has to be considered along with that of the entire room. If the size of the room is small and you are looking to enhance the ambiance, you can consider placing a larger-sized rug that covers the entire bed area. Or if your room size is large, then you can consider playing with different colors and shapes for your room and placing small rugs, it is without any doubt as exciting as it sounds. Explore a variety of shapes. A round rug placed at the foot of a bed will add an interesting look. As does sheepskin style as it varies from size to shape too if needed.

Rug size

4. Bed Size

Twin beds

The best dimensions of the right size rugs for a room with twin beds can be determined by the distance between the two. You can carry out many ways to place the rug, be it placing the small rug only under the lower feet of both the beds, covering the entire bed area of the 2 beds with a single rug, or putting different rugs under both the beds, etc.  

  • The standard range of sizes for a rug that will work perfectly in most of these conditions will be an 8 by 10 feet rug (243×304 cm).
  • A 4 by 6 or a 5 by 8-foot rug will be perfect for placing under the lower end of the beds. 
  • A 9 by 12 feet rug fits two twin beds along with the lampshades and side tables (if any).

Rug For Queen Size Bed

Again if you want to place the rug so that only the legs of the entire bed can sit on it, an 8 by 10 feet rug is the perfect fit. But if you wish the rug to be more visible and for it to cover the middle part of your bedroom, you can go for a bigger one.

We have some ideas that should make your room feel like your home. Here are various size area rugs you may use underneath Queen Beds. The size is ideal for various circumstances. The size will be determined by your furniture, size of the room (small bedroom or large bedroom), king-size or full-size bed (standard versus nonstandard), and placement style.

When to use rugs larger than 9×12 feet?

For a larger full-size bed that is not of standard dimensions like a California queen bed, you can place a rug larger than 9 by 12 feet under your bed frame area. To fit the rug under the lower 2/3rd area of your queen-sized bed, go for an 8 by 10 feet rug or a 9 by 12 feet rug. It will be perfect for the lower portion of the bed. It won’t fit the lamp shades and the side table, so if you wish to cover them also then you will have to consider a 12 by 15 feet rug.

8×10 feet rugs under a Queen size bed

Consider extending your rug under your bed to give you an even wider surface area. You can either lay the rug underneath the bed or place the rug about half an inch below the bed. It will be fine if you want a longer California king bed or have furniture near your bed.

7×10 feet rug under a queen size bed

A rug of 7 by 10 feet would be an ideal size for a queen-size bed in a standard room. The 10-foot-long carpet will give you ample space beside a bed and provide comfort to the guests. These can also be a good option for houses with large bedrooms.

6×9 feet rugs under a Queen size bed

A 6 by 9 feet rug is also a perfect choice, makes the entire room look warm and cozy when placed under the queen-sized bed. It will come in to be symmetrical with the side table and lampshades next to your bed. While getting out of bed in the morning, you’ll get to land on a soft and warm surface on both sides of the bed.

4×6 rug under queen bed

A 4 by 6 feet rug is the smallest one out there but won’t cover the queen-sized bed completely, so if you fancy a pair of 2 small rugs of the same size you can place them under the bed adjoining each other.

9×12 rug under queen bed

A 9-foot wide x 12-foot length rug is a great way to extend up your bedside table. A 9×12 rug provides greater comfort along the side and it is especially useful for hiding the flooring.

8×10 feet rugs under a queen size bed

In the case of an 8 by 10 feet rug, you can place it either on the lower part of the bed with the bench, or you can place it under both the side tables of the lamp shade (if any).

Rugs for a king-sized bed

The same rugs can be placed with a king-size/full-size bed also by applying a little variation to the same, a rug of size 9 by 12 will be the standard-sized rug which will cover the entire bed as well as will be visible on the sides as well. A rug of size 8 by 10 will be just enough to cover the bed and won’t be much visible. So, you might have figured out till now that finding the right balance in setting up your room requires keeping in mind the size of the room, the bed as well as the area on which the rug is to be placed. We would advise you to go as bigger as you can while deciding on your perfect rug!  


Installing a rug on your bed gives your entire room a refreshing look. And most interestingly it allows for more color in the bedroom. Always get the right size rug based on the bed area, height, and space, it works great for the bedroom.


What kind of rug looks good under a bed?

A rectangular area rug is a good fit for all beds. You’re also likely to have two bedside tables and one bench at the lower feet of your bed. You need to decide what goes under the rug.

How much of the rug should be under the bed?

Your rug should be extended about 18 inches above the sidewalls of your king-size bed. You can go with something larger, but preferably not much unless your space allows it. Standard bed dimensions are 66 inches in length X 80 inches in width, you need a rug that is a minimum of 8 feet.

Should a rug go horizontal or vertical under a bed?

This layout allows it to display the rug parallel to the headboard to provide a comfortable place to rest. If you have an oversized King-size bed with mattresses larger than six feet, keep the rug bigger than 12′ x 8′ x 4″ Anything small is too narrow,”

Does a bed need to be centered on a rug?

It helps to keep it from falling over the two-thirds section of the bed. Putting rugs in such ways opens up the space in your bedroom while retaining its comfort.

Can you angle a rug under your bed?

At an odd angle, you can put an area carpet at an angle under a wall or corner. This layout can be used to create larger bedrooms and is particularly recommended to create the interior with an artistic feel.

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